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Bridge House Exhibition

Paintings for Sale

This collection of paintings will hang in the beautiful  surroundings of Bridge House  Kilkenny until July 2024 after which time they can be purchased from the artist see contact details to pre order.  email:

Medieval Knight

Contemporary version of a Medieval knight - tongue in cheek apple iPhone sporting chap!

150cm x100cm €1750

Medieval knight 150cm x100cm

Gold  Panel  with Peacocks

Decorative Panel in gold with peacocks.

150cm x100cm €1500

gold chinoiserie with peacocks 150cm x100cm

Urn with Flowers

Large canvas featuring  a stone urn  with flowers.

150cm100cm €1750

Urn with flowers 150cm x100cm

Medieval Lady

 Medieval lady with today's must have accessory! 

150cm x100cm €1750

Medieval Lady  150cm x100cm_edited.png

Pair of gold panels

Pair of decorative panels in gold.

150cm x 50cm x 2  €1500 (pair)

Pair of gold panels

Decorative  panel

Decorative panel with Medieval style motif.

120cm x 40cm €500

Decorative Panel


Contemporary abstract loosely based on  medieval shield.  24ct gilt.

100cm x 80cm  €1000

Abstract shield 100cm x80cm

Medieval Lady with gold

Medieval lady with 24ct detail.

60cm x  50m in black solid wood frame €850

Gold  lady 50cm x60cm

Abstract Medieval 

Abstracted medieval ladies.

50cm x60cm in black solid wood frame €850

Medieval ladies abstract 50cm x60cm

Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape

150cm x100cm  €1750


Medieval lady with lace collar

Medieval lady with lace collar.

50cm x60cm in black solid wood frame €850

Medieval ruff 60cm x 50cm Framed

Medieval lady with newspaper

Is that the 'Kilkenny People' in her hand?

60cm x 50cm in black solid wood frame €850


White Bird 

White dove with gold detail 

40cm x 30cm unframed €300


Renaissance Lady

Contemporary take on the 1488 painting by Dominico  Ghirlandaio  of  Giovanna Tornabuoni. The epigram reads -"Art would that you could represent character and mind!  There would be no more beautiful painting on earth 1488"

120cm x 100cm    €1750

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